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The Wolkensteiner Hotels - modern ambience and romantic

Our houses are divided into 3 locations, the equipment is slightly different, so each gets its own flair.
The modern ambience in the new 3-star hotel Wolkensteinbär, or the romantic, alpine broadcast of the Gasthof Wolkenstein, the real Almfeeling spread to over 2000m above sea level.
Our 3-star Wolkensteinblick located in the center of Neukirchen, at the end of the valley run and is open throughout the year. With flexible rooms for 2-6 persons, large lounge and dining rooms and an attractive range of leisure activities in the house, we are ideally for families, set up all the groups and school classes.

To make good cheer, sitting comfortably and relaxing the rest of the day...

In the individual areas of the restaurant, there are several dining rooms, so can each group sit undisturbed while eating, play the end of the day games, karaoke or watch on the flat TVs or projectors in the rooms still images or videos.
In the cozy bars of the individual houses in the evening you can still meet each other or put the whole area into a party area.

We are equipped just in case...

Do you want a workshop, education, meetings or give lessons, meet for sports, fun and games - the Wolkensteiner hotels are equipped for everything. There are various hotel equipments - depending on the house: Lounges, some with big screen, sports equipment like pool or table tennis, group rooms, fitness rooms etc…

Details can be found at the individual hotels.

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